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We work together to bring glory to God’s name.

His Place was founded in 1986 by Rev. Rick Hagans as a place of restoration for men 18 years and older who have a life-controlling problem such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, homelessness, etc.

Visit our His Place Downtown facilities and Farm.
Our one year residential discipleship ministry incorporates a combination of Bible-based teaching, life skills classes, one-on-one discipleship and an opportunity to grow in ones work ethic.  Our desire is see men transformed into the image of Christ who will return home as the godly husbands, fathers, and sons that they were created to be.  Call the Director, Kenny Young at (256) 868-0281 to schedule an appointment to come and visit or tour our His Place downtown facility or our His Place Farm.


We are a Christian Discipleship Rehabilitation Program: 


We are a Faith and Bible based Program. We have two Bible classes Monday-Friday that are structures to explore the teaching of the Bible and how to the men can apply it to their lives.


We believe that it is only through a relationship with Jesus Christ that men can be truly set free from their life-controlling issues. So our program focuses on Discipleship and teaching men how to living out their relationship with Jesus Christ can transform their lives and give them opportunity to have a new life in Christ.


The battle with Life-controlling issues comes with a unique set of challenges. This requires that there be a strict structure and set of rules to help provide an environment of accountability and discipline.

Here are a few examples of rules or guidelines our program follows:

Residents are not allowed to work for the First 9 months.

There is no use of nicotine at anytime while in the program.

Residents are not allowed to have access to any money. Each Resident has an account under His Place where they can keep money “on their books” for anything they may need.

30-day blackout- Upon arrival into the program, The resident is under a 30-day period where they will not be allowed to make phone calls and have visits.

After the 30-day blackout, Residents are permitted two supervised phone calls a week. Phone calls are to immediate family only. Call to anyone else are approved on a case by case based by the Director.

Residents are allowed a pass once a month. These passes are always the last weekend of every month. All Passes are at the discretion of the Director. Passes are structured as follows:

First Month: 4hr. Pass

Second and Third Month: 8hr. Pass

Fourth-Sixth Month: 24 hr. Pass.

Sixth Month- Graduation: Weekend Passes.

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